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Debt Placement Services for Your Business

Here at WC Capital Solutions, we are fully committed to meeting the strategic financing needs of our clients at a competitive price point. We have professionals who are highly trained in structuring financial transactions in a manner that suits the unique needs of our customers. We can also help you close deals with prospective lenders and secure competitive loan commitments.

Commercial Real Estate

Our team can help you at every step of the way as you navigate ownership of your commercial real estate property.

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Commercial & Industrial Loans

Let us help your business find the best terms for financing capital expenditures and working capital.

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Consulting & Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Services for Underwriting and Analysis, Direct Negotiations With Financial Institutions, and Assistance With Closing Process.

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Commercial Real Estate

We have significant experience assisting with financing for office buildings, multi-family complexes, industrial/warehouse, self-storage, and mixed-use spaces. We have the capacity to help place initial construction financing of stabilized properties. We are your one-stop shop for commercial real estate financing. Every property is different and various stages of development require unique and differentiated approaches to financing. Let us guide you as you evaluate your options for financing your commercial real estate properties.

Commercial & Industrial Loans

More flexible than traditional banks, we can help structure loan products that are the most advantageous to you using unique metrics. We have substantial experience working with businesses to seek, find and secure credit for inventory financing, investments in equipment, and other working capital needs. We are thoughtful and deliberate in our underwriting and strive to provide creative, unique solutions to commercial financing needs. 

Consulting and Advisory Services

Our team also provides the following:

  • Underwriting and analysis to understand appropriate financing structures     
  • Directly manage and streamline negotiations with financial institutions on behalf of the borrower to get the most suitable pricing and structure, with appropriate loan covenants.   
  • Assistance throughout the loan closing process

Debt Placement & Advisory Process

The following is the step-by-step procedure of the debt placement and advisory process:

1. Meet with clients to develop a full understanding of business needs and financial goals.

2. Identify creative and holistic solutions to meet the client’s financing needs.

3. Fully underwrite loan requests and global cash flow when appropriate to present an accurate and highlighted summary to financial institutions (as our goal is to set up a loan request “on a silver platter” in a manner that highlights the strongest focal points).

4. Determine the financial debt source that will be the most appropriate fit based on various financing criteria.

5. Work directly with financial institutions to obtain terms sheets and commitment letters.

6. Negotiate loan terms directly with lending institutions, including but not limited to, pricing, maturity dates, and financial covenants on behalf of our clients.

7. Provide assistance to the clients and the financial institution throughout the loan closing process to assure a smooth and timely closing.